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Builders In Scale has a fine tradition of producing Limited Edition Quality Craft Kits for 20 years.


Fine Craft Kits

Builders In Scale has a fine tradition of producing Limited Edition Kits. In fact that's how we got our start, beginning with the release of Kit No. 1 - Weiry & Sons, Well Drilling & Irrigation Co., a limited run of 1200 models released in 1983. Since that time we have released ten limited run kits, with the Pitkin City Hall being our most recent.

Our limited edition kits feature laser-cut wood and lots of our unique metal detail castings, with cast plaster additions, like stone foundations or scale brick walls, etc., We often add photo-etched brass details, one or more of our many roofing/siding materials and other quality components, all supported by our easy to follow step-by-step construction and weathering instructions. All at a reasonable price!

All of our prior limited run kits are SOLD OUT.

Watch for our next exciting Limited Edition Kit-

Note: The Champion Mill, which had been announced as our next limited edition kit, has been canceled.

In 2001, Builders In Scale founder Jim Haggard retired. C. C. Crow, who is well known for his Hydrocal castings and kits, with 20 years experience manufacturing top-quality craftsman kits took over. While the Champion Mill is an interesting model, we decided that we should move on to something else. We might come back to the Champion Mill later, but not right now.



National Belle Mine - original model built in 1983.

We have chosen to do The National Belle Mine, a Colorado hi-country icon as our first new limited edition kit under C. C. Crow. Note we are taking some artistic license. It's not an exact measured duplicate but well inspired by the prototype. Actually, CCC scratchbuilt the model shown above some 30 years ago and we thought it was the perfect canidate for our first kit under his leadership.

As this project has progressed we noticed the structure below (old prototype photos) and realized they must be attached (subterrainially, if that is a word). That would make sense, the main headframe above with its supporting facilities, and the ore bin below near the tracks. It appears this ore was so good it was bagged and packed into guarded box cars! We decided to model the lower building as well. Note the unique open ore car shed above. It's something we don't think we've seen modeled before. This is going to be a great kit worthy of the Builders In Scale name.

But that was ten years ago...
So, what happened? Builders In Scale happened. First, we got all the Evening Express kits back in production and all the many various parts and supplies. And then we started adding to them. Half a dozen new EE kits, hundreds of new products, and on the CCC side we introduced the NP Hotel, Easton kit, a couple of these and a few of those, and the monstrous On3 Durango roundhouse that continues to dominate the shop. But happily so.
So meanwhile, the National Belle stalled. We pulled the J&J Mine kit out of it's framework and years passed with no No. 12 kit! But we have not given up digging.

The basic model is all worked out. The drawings are done. It would be nice to have a completed diorama so we can illustrate it in the instructions. We just need time so we can complete it and finally get it into production. Well, that's why we do not take deposits on our limited run kits. But we would be happy to place your name on the list for this kit. Send us a letter, or an e-mail. We'll let you know when it's released.

For more information, see:   THE NATIONAL BELLE MINE


Our Heritage Kits - all retired / sold out

Kit No. 1
Weiry & Sons

Kit No. 2
G. W. Nichols

Kit No. 103
Jefferson Station

Kit No. 104
C & S Water Tank

Kit No. 5
The Waterfront

Kit No. 6
Coeur d'Alene Mine

Kit No. 7
Tennessee Pass Depot

Kit No. 8
Sassen Vinigar

Kit No. 9
Tidewater Wharf

Kit No. 10
Pitkin City Hall
Other Kits - all retired / sold out

Kit No. TP
Tennessee Pass Depot, O scale

Kit No. LM
Leverite Mine

Kit No. SM
Silverado Mine

Kit No. RKY
Rocky's Mine



From time to time we get requests for replacement parts for our Limited Run kits. As the kits are long retired please understand our ablity to do so is limited. We have replacement construction manuals and plan sheets available for most kits (see below). We have some castings, but not all. And we may or more likely not, have stripwood, cut siding and other specific items.
So beware, especially when buying "collectors" kits on-line. They are usually sold "as is", and we can't fix that for you. If we tried, we'd be spending all our time trying to help out a few individuals- where we'd be better spending our time creating new kits for everyone!

If you are missing some parts or lost the instructions for one of our CURRENT kits- we can help. Drop us a line describing what is missing and we will see if we can find a replacement. We ask that you pay a modest fee, plus shipment- unless it is a recent/direct purchase (where you would expect everything to be included), then we'll be happy to do so at no charge.

See  INSTRUCTIONS & PLAN SETS   for a complete list and price.

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