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SwitchMaster premium highly-relieable slow-action switch machines are the finest quality.

Wiring Schematics and Instruction Sheets

Wiring schematics and instructions sheets are provided with each SwitchMaster switch machine and accessory. They are posted here for your convienance.

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Part #1103 DL-2 Bi-Color LEDs

SwitchMaster switch machine isometric photo of installation.

Part #1103 DL-2 Bi-Color LEDs


This kit includes two (2) dual-color (red and green) LEDs and two (2) 470 ohm resistors (yellow, violet, brown, gold). These dual-color LEDs will change color when the polarity is reversed, as applied to a SwitchMaster switch machine. You can use this kit as a panel indicator for each leg of a turnout or individually as a single "open/closed" indicator.

SwitchMaster Accessory Wiring.
Figure C   General LED or Lamp Indicator Wiring

For a very clean, professional installation use with SwitchMaster:

  • Mounting Rings (#1105 / MR-6)
  • Control with our SwitchMaster Toggle Switches (#1106 / TG-1)
  • Push Button Switch (#1110 / PB-1)


  P.   O.   B O X   1 4 2 7         M U K I L T E O,     W A     9 8 2 7 5