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Wiring Schematics and Instruction Sheets

Wiring schematics and instructions sheets are provided with each SwitchMaster switch machine and accessory. They are posted here for your convienance.

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Part #1104 SG-2 Signal Control Kit

SwitchMaster switch machine isometric photo of installation.

Part #1104 SG-2 Signal Control Kit

Switches power from the switch machine for block signal (lamps) use (4).


This kit includes four (4) diodes. These diodes will allow you to control up to 4 block signal lamps (on your control panel or trackside). The power for these signal lamps can be supplied by the same 12v DC current running your SwitchMaster switch machine, because the motor receives a constant current.

Use the following schematic to install the diodes. Note that the diodes have a SOLID COLOR BAND on one end of the diode. These bands must be opposite each other in order to turn one lamp on and the other lamp off. Voltage will only travel in one direction through a diode, so a positive voltage gets through to light the bulb, where a negative voltage will not.

SwitchMaster Accessory Wiring.
Figure A   Signal Control Wiring (right side)

Control with SwitchMaster Toggle Switches (#1106 / TG-1) or
Push Button Switch (#1110 / PB-1)


  P.   O.   B O X   1 4 2 7         M U K I L T E O,     W A     9 8 2 7 5