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Wiring Schematics and Instruction Sheets

Wiring schematics and instructions sheets are provided with each SwitchMaster switch machine and accessory. They are posted here for your convienance.

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Part #1105 MR-6 LED Mounting Rings

SwitchMaster switch machine isometric photo of installation.

Part #1105 MR-6 LED Mounting Rings


This kit has six (6) mounting ring sets to make installing your LED indicator lights a snap! The black ring will highlight the LED, making the LED easier to see and giving your control panel a professional finish. These mounting rings work with either type of our LEDs - #1102/PL-2 or #1102/DL-2.

Your panel should be 1/8" thick or less. Drill a 1/4" hole where you want to place the LED. Slip the lamp holder part of the mounting ring into the hole, so the round flange is on the face of the panel. Insert the LED from the rear of the panel- it will snap in place.

You can now complete the wiring of your LED.

installation diagram of #1105 LED Mounting Rings.

Figure A   LED Mounting Ring Installation

MAX. PANEL THICKNESS .125" (3.18mm)

MOUNTING HOLE .250" (6.4mm) DIA.


  P.   O.   B O X   1 4 2 7         M U K I L T E O,     W A     9 8 2 7 5